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Heat-N-Eat Meals are healthy, packed with flavor and easy on your wallet. Our Chefs travel the world to pick premium ingredients that go into our Heat-N-Eat Meals™. Our goal is to nourish your body with  nutritionally rich meals, so you can eat healthy, stay healthy, and live healthy, because It's all in the ingredients!

Restaurant Quality

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ are packed with flavor and prepared by trained culinary experts at home with Heat-N-Eat Meals™.

Natural Ingredients

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ contain 100% natural & fresh ingredients with zero GMOs, additives, and  preservatives.

Contactless Delivery

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ are prepared fresh, packaged in reusable containers, and ship with next day delivery.* 

All Diets Welcome

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ are suited for any diet, even those with dietary restrictions or on special diets!

Healthy Meals

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ are packed with nutritional value and designed to add to the quality of your life. 

No Cooking Required

Follow our easy instructions to heat your Heat-N-Eat meal in your microwave or oven in minutes.

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ 

Heat-N-Eat Meals™ Subscription is perfect for those that want a more personalized approach to their meals. Subscribe to weekly 3,5,7 Heat-N-Eat Meals™ and receive a customized menu to order off of every week based on your diet and food tastes!

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Tell Us What You Like

Tell us about your diet, taste, and food preferences so we can create the perfect menu.

Pick A Meal Plan

Pick a 3, 5, or 7 Heat-N-Eat Meal subscription. Don't worry you can cancel anytime. 

Order Your Meals

Select your weekly meals from your customized weekly menu based on what you want.

Just Heat-N-Eat!

We prepare and ship your meals, and Just Heat-N-Eat When You're Ready To Eat!™


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