Who We Are

We are a food delivery company focused on delivery nutirtionally rich Artisan Meals, Bento Boxes, and Desserts that gives you a sense of wellness, well-being, and adds to your quality of life. 

We offer Natural Chef Meal Delivery a weekly meal subscription for customers that want healthy, portioned, and delicious meals delivered. We also have Natural Chef Pantry which offers artisan desserts, pastas, breads, and more for delivery. 

Our meals are handcrafted  from-scratch meals using natural ingredients and high-quality ingredients and our Natural Chef Pantry recipes are created by our in-house nutrition expert and chef.

About Our Chef

Our Chef has over a ten years of expereince working in restuarants across the country and is a professional trained Chef. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies from the University of Texas, and a culinary diploma from Cook Street School of Culinary Arts She worked for restuarants at Hilton, Copper Mountain Ski Resort, and Starbucks. 

Our Chef also has experience workin in the growing Cannabis Industry for well established Colorado dispnesaries such as Breckenridge Organic Therapy and Native Roots.

She believes that creating a delicious recipes depend on technique, skill, and nutritional science. She focuses her time on creating nutritional recipes that nourishin people's mind, body, and soul.